Grasp EP

by The Cautious

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The debut EP 'Grasp' by The Cautious.
Copyright © 2016 by The Cautious. All rights reserved.


released April 15, 2016

Written and performed by: Maxwell Slade, Ritwik Krishnan, Kate Fujimoto, and Camron Haynes.



all rights reserved


The Cautious San Jose, California

San Jose based alternative band

Members: Max Slade, Ritwik Krishnan, Trey Ross, and Camron Haynes

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Track Name: Pages of Your Name
If I can convey one final time
And disclose with your presence we're able to unwind
Seafoam on the surface of your lovely frame
My ravaged entries looking, finding pages of your name

A conversation's all deleted
My feelings strong
I don't know if a loss will lead on
If my hands start to follow and you decide to allow
Me to wake up next to you while its still morning now
On behalf of my mouth
I gotta take a breath
Honey just know I'm not your armrest
Set me up and I'll fall somehow
She said drive down here right now

But oh I agree
Can't you see?
Sit down and wait for me
I need your company
Sit down and wait for me
Sit down and wait for me
I know you'll never leave

But if the pier cuts short
We can cross that bridge when we come to it
And I think the plating's breaking
But my hands won't know until they lose their grip
My wall of worry is blank, but hey
If I grasp your hand I'll hope you'll stay
If this is one night only well I'm new to this
A feeling of harmonious and loving bliss
Your lips fall as an accomplice to mine
As the sun falls away we let go and intertwine


I should have a penny for your thoughts
But the beach don't cost a thing [x4]

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Mislead
[Verse 1]
Let's go get lost I wanna be found with you
But from the way that you're acting, this won't be prolonged
Your cards are shifted out of order
If I can play them right we can still go on

Mislead me
You mistreat me
'Cos your arms are a blessing and a curse
My imagination makes me think for better or for worse

[Verse 2]
She's the kind of girl that's pretty for a living
Blues and boredom got me down
She says she feels alright but that I don't listen
She always needs someone when they're not around

released January 15, 2016
Written by Maxwell Slade, Ritwik Krishnan, and Camron Haynes
Track Name: Mind Race
[Verse 1]
My foot pressed the gas
There was nothing I could do
I drove a little fast
And collided into you
The sky was open
And you fell right through
The lies you've told
I'm problematic too

Do I ever cross your mind?
'Cos you are nicotine to mine
As I lay alone in bed tonight
My mind's a car, and you're a traffic light

[Verse 2]
You never give me signals
Elusive in your talk
But I'm still hung up on you
Feeling trapped behind your locks
Now I'm on the crossroads
Of confusion and despair
You left me alone and helpless
In a state of disrepair


My mind races (x2)
On you


And you're a traffic light (x4)
Track Name: Control
I feel like I'm losing control
When I'm without you it feels so wrong
Why can't we just always get along?
I feel like I'm losing control

[Verse 1]
You light a match as my energy dies out
I need to dispatch through my head and it's doubt
Gaze far up at someone new
My initial thought was different but now you are too


[Verse 2]
In an hour I'll wanna run
At least that's what I like to think sometimes
You man the barrel of a gun, stained with constant late declines
But I know by the time I'm done I'll find what you lack
I know by that look to get some, at least now to break my back


[Chorus] (variation)
And I know
I feel like I'm losing control
When I'm without you it feels so wrong
Why can't we just always get along?
I feel like I'm losing control
Track Name: Resolve
[Hook 1]
We fight, we cry
We laugh, we sigh
Confess to lies
And then we resolve (x4)

[Hook 2]
Agony is better suited to a bottle
And I thought that I was better suited to you

[Hook 3]
She's gone but we're not wasted
After all the things we've been faced with (x6)

[Spoken Word]
It isn't cold but I'm shivering in my castle of pain
If my head is mindful of this violence then I'll soon get shot there
And this won't occur by the hand of a broken man
It'll surface from my own emotion
While my thoughts in my head cave in